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Daily training of Soroban requires a full use of eyes and fingers.  This helps boost the function of the right brain in particular, by developing the skill of freely moving the Soroban counters with its image, and the left brain by reading and writing the numbers, and calculate. It is favorable to start this exercise from one's young ages to expect for effective stimulation to boost the brain activity.  



Through the training process of Soroban, a high sense of numbers can be gained, as well as the ability of mental calculation.  Early start of the Soroban training will help a child to have a positive attitude toward numbers without feeling dislike. 

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The benefit of Soroban training is not limited to development of a high sense of numbers, or the ability of mental calculation.  It will also help build the strong mentalities, such as the ability to focus, which is required to complete all calculation within a certain period of time, good retention due to carefulness to remember mistakes inadvertently made in the calculation process, and perseverance to work through all numbers with calmness.  
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Mental Calculation and Flush Calculation

​Continued training of Soroban makes it possible to mentally calculate numbers only using the image of Soroban.  This skill is "mental calculation", which does not require physical use of Soroban.


And further continuous training will enable an advanced level of mental calculation, where even no finger movement in the air is needed. 

This calculation skill uses only the clear image of Soroban installed in the brain, in which Soroban counters are freely moved with accuracy to calculate the digits of numbers in a speedy manner.   


Overtime, the learners find his/herself with the ability of flush calculation, where calculation is complete with accuracy only by looking at the numbers pop up one after another on the screen.

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