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Train to develop mathematical thinking

2.Application to Mathematics

Teach Joy of learning, and pleasure of making progress

1.40-year-experience in teaching

Three Features of UNUMA KEISUUKAN

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About Us

About Us

Develop the learning attitude essential in learning of school subjects

3.   Place a high value on ability to focus

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1.40-year-experience in teaching

We have a great experience in teaching approximately 2,000 learners since its foundation as "Unumadai Abacus School" in 1975.  Teaching style to meet each individual characteristic, ability and level is possible due to not having branch schools.

Many kids come to learn at UNUMA KEISUUKAN over two generations of the family.  And we currently welcome kids from outside of the closest elementary school district, such as Ryokuen-sho, Unuma Daini-sho, Yagiyama-sho, and Chuo-sho.

Most of the learners here, from kids in kindergarten, kids in elementary school, to junior high school students, continue to practice for many years while only a few leave a half way through the training.  We are confident that kids will find joy of learning, and pleasure of making progress through their learning experience in UNUMA KEISUUKAN.

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2.Application to Mathematics

Practice of Soroban develops a great sense of numbers (ability to use numbers), and we aim to fully utilize this skill applying to advanced math, and mathematical thinking, using a textbook 'Mathematical Combination'


Through such training, the learners, even from the elementary school time, are able to train for not only math, but to gradually gain understanding on the mathematical thinking world, and well prepared for the study subject before entering the junior high school. 



Preparation for learning mathematics at an early phase will enable smooth start and effective learning process of Mathematics after entering a junior high school.

Only a limited number of Soroban schools offers such an opportunity of application to mathematics, and UNUMA KEISUUKAN is the only school of this kind in Gifu Prefecture. 

Read more about Mathematical Combination​

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3.Place a high value on ability to focus

To make daily practice effective, ability to focus is the most important element.  Practice and training is not always a fun thing, and sometime you may not feel like doing it. 


From long term perspective, no smart kids or quick-learning kids could make great outcomes without the learning attitude to seriously cope with the subject.  


We creatively make the lessons more fun in various ways for the learners to be able to practice with a high level of ability to focus, by allowing an appropriate amount of playing time between each session, or introducing team matches to make the lessons competitive.

Gaining ability to focus at one's very young age means significant importance, in terms of any learning process including but not limited to studying school subjects, and such ability will be his/her asset of life.

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Day and Time of Lesson

Ordinary schedule

Monday to Friday PM3:00-7:00

One hour lesson at any time

**Summer holiday schedule**

(July 21 to Aug 31 Details will be announced)

Monday to Friday AM7:00-9:30

One hour lesson at any time

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Teacher's Information

Seiji Morinaga
Graduated from School of Economics, Ritsumeikan University.  After graduating the university, engaged in management in the manufacturer, and thereafter, managed other business operation to date. 
Opened UNUMADAI Abacuss School in 1975.   From children in kindergarten to high school students, trained more than 2000 people.  Also experienced in teaching Soroban at a high school of commerce. 
Currently manages UNUMA KEISUUKAN while voluntarily teaching Soroban during math class at 11 elementary schools in Aichi prefecture.
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